Our coin is community driven and we held a fair launch without pre-sale. Anyone was able to participate in the launch and there were no bots that bought BabyEuro tokens.


4% of each transaction is automatically injected into the BNB/BabyEuro liquidity pool.


Everyone who holds BabyEuro will be rewarded in Ethereum! No reason to sell, just hold and gain passive income from BabyEuro.

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  • Q3 2021

    The Launch

    A fair chance for everyone is all we care about. Therefore, there was no token pre-sale and every single individual was ONLY be able to buy through PancakeSwap. However, the team will provide liquidity initially.

  • Q4 2021

    The Expansion

    After the pancake swap launch, the BabyEuro team will put all their efforts together to create a strong marketing campaign to increase the community and expand our project.

  • Q1 2022

    Holding the Line

    Once everything is up and running and all of our account holders tokens increasing automatically at a very high rate due to our reward system. We will be announcing many exciting projects that the team would have worked on during Q3 and this will help contribute to the success and growth of BabyEuro.

  • Q2 2022

    To the Moon!

    Now is the time when we will be releasing multiple huge projects and news. We will put our focus towards new partnerships which will help build and sustain both BabyEuro and our current as well as future projects.

We've improved the formula that babylondon used and we have the legendary monkey shanti as our lead developer